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Agreement with USAID Nepal

February 13, 2014 (Thursday)

DEPROSC-Nepal has entered into an agreement with USAID to implement Fe...

Long Term Standby Agreement (LSA) between OXFAM and DEPROSC to work in human capacity building for disaster preparedness

August 19, 2013 (Monday)

DEPROSC-Nepal has entered into an agreement with OXFAM, Nepal Office t...

Agreement between Winrock International (WI) and DEPROSC-Nepal for USAID funded

April 08, 2013 (Monday)

Agreement between Winrock International (WI) and DEPROSC-Nepal for USA...

Agreement with PAF and DEPROSC

January 10, 2013 (Thursday)

DEPROSC-Nepal has entered into agreement with Poverty Alleviation Fund...

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Micro Finance

DEPROSC-Nepal greatly effort for the transparency in Microfinance. Check

DEPROSC Microfinance Status

DEPROSC has published its report “The Reflection” summarizing its major interventions and lesson learned since its establishment in 1993.
Click here to download reflection.

Welcome to Development Project Service Center


DEPROSC-Nepal is a non-profit making organization, established in September 1993 under "Association Registration act 1978" as a non-governmental organization (NGO) and is also affiliated with Social Welfare Council (SWC). DEPROSC-Nepal has its Head Office in Kathmandu, Nepal and has two Regional offices one each in Biratnagar (Eastern region) and Nepalgunj (Mid- and Far western region).

The Head Office is located at Thapathali, Kathmandu on 7750 square feet of land. The four storey office building (of its own) is adequately furnished and has a well equipped training/ seminar hall and a library with 7000 square feet of internal working space with adequate parking space outside.

The centre has sufficient number of personal computers with state-of-art software and accessories like scanner, fax and photocopier, e-mail, four wheel drive vehicles, motorcycles and other basic amenities required for its functioning as a professional NGO. Similarly, DEPROSC has set up a separate 'Microfinance Central Office' in Tinthana, Kathmandu, which looks after its microfinance program in 11 districts of central and eastern region.

The Centre is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors, some of them are also the founder members of DEPROSC-Nepal. The Centre is headed by an Executive Director (ED) who is appointed by the Board of Directors. Four different departments are managed under the supervision of ED. In addition, Internal Audit Committee, which is accountable to Board of Directors (BoD) is in place for financial compliance and monitoring.

From the beginning, the centre has implemented various development programs and projects in all five development regions of Nepal. Out of 75 districts in Nepal, the centre has already made its active presence in 54 districts of mountain, hill and terai through various action-research projects, out of them 66 projects in 40 districts have already completed. At present, the centre is working in 14 districts. The centre was also involved in implementing different humanitarian support programs especially during food deficits in hill and mountain districts of mid and far west with support from United Nations World Food Program.


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